​​Potomac Hair Design

10111 River Rd. Potomac, MD 20854 


 We are hiring! Open position available for

 stylist. Flexible hours and fun working

 environment. Space also available for booth 


 Stylist must:
   -have established clientele, 
   -be knowledgeable of and be able to 

    comply with cleaning and disinfection

    protocols mandated by the county and

   -understand all aspects of hair cutting and

    chemical treatments, 
   -be knowledgeable about and be able to

    apply current styles and techniques, 
   -follow salon policies and procedures, 
   -work efficiently and effectively,
   -be professional and have excellent

    customer service skills, 
   -be a team player, 
   -be dependable and reliable, 
   -have a positive attitude, 
   -attend all required trainings,
   -have a high school diploma or GED, 
   -be on time, 
   -have a strong work ethic, 
   -be able to work a minimum of 25+ hours a

    week, and 
   -be organized and maintain a clean work


   Please email us at 

   ina@potomachairdesign.com if interested 

   in the stylist position or opportunity to

   rent a booth.